Utopias imagined

Il Girasole, a a rotating house, a film by Marcel Meili and Christoph Schaub / related, the sliding house / a house within a house, an apartment within an apartment / Urine, You’re Out, SLAB magazine on the anti-urinary strategies of Parisian planners and architects / see also the many galleries at Urinal.net / Number 10, the story of a door (via) / Cabbage Rose, a design and architecture weblog.


Women Running from Houses, pulp blog (via) / related, paper and plastic photo sets, including much ephemera / photography by Alexandre Tabaste, including some fine landscapes / The Place that Roger Built, photography by Justin Partyka / Chronological Snobbery, a pop culture weblog / A history of the home video game console / L’Espirt de l’Escalier, a tumblr / Science Fiction, a tumblr / cutting edge audio gadgets from Teenage Engineering


Tubular Belle: World of Subways 3, a (somewhat tongue in cheek) look at the history of the London Underground in video games, spurred on by these immensely detailed models of the Circle Line. Doesn’t mention the steam-powered underground trains in Sherlock, however / ‘The Long River‘, a photo essay by Nadav Kander / Observers Room, a new channel from DO / Is this the new face of the modern home? / aficionados of 80s television (Thundercats, He-Man, Transformers, etc.) should support these eBay charity auctions.


The real Ken Adam? Revealed: Eero Saarinen’s secret wartime role in the White House: ‘The 32-year-old architect led a large group of specialists engaged in production of exact scale models to equip the situation room, or war room, where the president and the joint chiefs of staff conducted briefings.’ / The Products We Hate / British Pathé archive: London to Birmingham by M1 motorway / Dubai moves to legislate against the International Style: Controversy over 30% glass limit on buildings.


A question: Is it possible for someone on foot to walk into Heathrow Airport? General consensus: it’s pretty difficult / vaguely related, what are some early novels featuring maps? / revisiting two sites: Svpply, shopping recommendations via a strict aesthetic approach / and enthusiasm unbridled, a tumblr / A 17,826 Word Palindrome (or Palindromic Sentence).


The map below is snipped from the frontispiece and end piece of Ralph Tubb’s Living in Cities and are a snappy summation of what the progressive architect believe his was fighting for: the chaos and mess of the old versus the order and rationalism of the new. Tubbs was the architect of the Dome of Discovery, a prescient piece of Festival architecture in that it conjured up both space age futurism and fatally ephemeral lightness.

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