Upstairs, downstairs

Remnants of a Disappearing UI at Design Language News (‘making visual sense of nonsense’): ‘My method involved cleaning the iPad’s surface with a microfiber cloth, using an app for a short amount of time, then turning the screen off. Next, I photographed the iPad, positioning a light source and some black matte board to limit distracting reflections. I then brought the photographs into Adobe Illustrator, and created vectors of the iPad and the fingerprints to emphasize the data.’ / Patrol, fashion focused tumblr (nsfw) / the Incoherent Light, a photography blog / 5B4, a photography and books weblog.


The house with a mall in the basement belongs to Barbra Streisand (an image of which triggered the so-called Streisand effect). As well as in-basement fantasy shopping, the mansion has its own backstory: “That’s when she starting coming up with her “script” for the property. She imagined a postcolonial family that settled on the property in 1790 and built a mill where they ground their wheat. As they prospered, they built a farmhouse, which grew again substantially in 1904, when descendents added two wings. If anyone finds this tale a stretch, Streisand doesn’t care. “It worked for me,” she says.” / arcade fetishism at feuilleton.


The incredible California Coastline Project has imagery from 1972, 1979 and 1986, as well as more recent photographs / Central Park Nature, a botanist’s delight (via kottke) / Activate the Future, forthcoming series of short films about cars, culture, mobility and how to keep existing brands relevant (we assume) / Fragmented Cities, a project by Alejandro Cartagena at Design Observer.


Scans from 1970s Italian car magazines and Meji to Showa period Japan (from where the image below, the evolution of the camera, comes), both at glen h.’s photostream / the dead weight of debt, me-fi post on “The World“, now rumoured to be slowly returning to the depths / LOZ, a photography blog / the illustrated Ulysses.

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