Ups and downs

Gionarle Nuovo closed over four years ago. It now exists as an archive / The Paper Collector / Chicken Wire Fabrication Video / re-visiting Get Carter / The Up House / 2011: The Year in Band Names / the Raagini Digital Electronic Taanpura (more) looks fantastic / Best Architecture of 2011, by Rowan Moore / Japan: Before and After the Earthquake and Tsunami.


The Cloud Controversy rather passed us by (BD Article, BBC news story) – the connection wasn’t immediately apparently. Whereas the symbolism here was inadvertent (and almost certainly a case of abstract European idealism coming up against concrete American literalism), there is a strand of (mostly post-modernist) architecture that builds upon visual catastrophism. We’re thinking mainly of the work of SITE, with their crumbling and inverted big box stores, but there are also many buildings with implied voids, chasms and cracks – Libeskind in Dresden, for a start. And given that Libeskind masterplanned Ground Zero, on the back of a body of work that used physical manifestation of disaster on a colossal scale, the objections to the MVRDV scheme seem to be directed at the project’s apparent flipness, rather than any claim it might or might not have to be a memorial. Our first thought – that this a design inspired by Minecraft, not tragedy – still stands. Revisit the WTC Site Memorial Competition gallery for 5,000 different ways to memorialise something.


Gearwhore compulsively collects information on guitar pedals, with big image spreads like this one of Grizzly Bear in the studio. Their master list is the place to go to look up a specific musician / from Vintage views of London by Colin O’Brien / Ku Klux Klan at the Festival of Britain / London – random and unseen / Q&A with Austin Williams: Urbanist / a glass speaker / fine art and abstraction at Justement.


Tumblr Tuesday: ‘Titles of Ignorance and Ignominy (an actual shelf of books in my real home)’ at the Listenerd / James Jackman makes gifs / Videodroner.exe / Red Inked, the art of academic grading / illusory has a good eye for an image / as does 1408 (mainly architecture) / Letters from Here / photography by Jonathan Vanderweit / Unreliably Witnessed / PFM / macarra (occasionally nsfw) / Guy / Virtual Geometry.

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