Up, up and away

A random selection of things. Are these the ugliest buildings in the world? Of course not, but aesthetically challenged architecture is increasingly the subject of linkbait round-ups like that one / a tumblr devoted to Crazy Walls / (via Ask MeFi). Also known as String Theory / when archives go wrong, images from one of the many collections at the National Library of New Zealand, which can be viewed, tumblr-style, in a never-ending cascade. Above, Carlton Carruthers Aircraft and Hostess, NAC, photographed by K E Niven and Co of Wellington / Tata and the first airlines of India, at Then and Now / awesome car transporters and production lines / near future includes approximations of visions from the past, part I. Flying cars: the Terrafugia (video) versus the PAL-V (video) / design geek heaven, MUJI collaborates with LEGO.


Monocle has its quirks but in many respects it’s streets ahead of many contemporary magazines in its approach to design, content and cross-platform pollination. It must be doing something right in order to spawn an imitator as slavish as The Good Life, a new French publication that Xeroxes the Monocle template with such accuracy that we had to double-check it wasn’t produced by Winkreative itself. Billed as ‘le premier magazine masculine hybride: news & lifestyle’, The Good Life is rather more conventional in content – more car stories and stock fashion features, less business ‘analysis’ and obsession with transport infrastructure and ‘quality of life’, etc., but many other elements are spot on (size, mix of paper stock, a scattering of retro illustration are all present and correct). Another view from this is A Page.

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