Up, up and away

Where the Viper Gets Its Vroom, an essay of ‘photographic illustrations’ by Brett Beyer on the modern American auto plant, in this case Chrysler’s Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit. The NYT is touchy about the use of the term photograph, after the Edgar Martins photo manipulation scandal / Cats killing billions of animals in the US / Instaper at the ready for this list of 102 Spectacular Nonfiction Stories from 2012.


Inhabitat visits Masdar City, once heralded as the world’s most sophisticated eco-city, now emerging slowly and rather more subtly as a centre of environmental technology / Romanian designer and TV star Catalin Botezatu quizzed in hunt for stolen Picasso / Knots & Drifts, a weblog with a fine visual acuity / still gladdens the mind, still life quick heart.


A terrible idea, not even especially successful as a provocation: extending the Guggenheim (see above). Mainly interesting as a demonstration of how architecture has to invent a narrative to create a media profile (which I suppose we’re fulfilling). As a commentor notes, ‘not intellectually or architecturally challenging.’

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