Up in the air, down on the ground

Luc Grateau makes miniature portraits on subway tickets / Peter Menzel’s Material World project invites the subjects to be photographed with their possessions (buy the book) / Budgies in Space, sending knitted toys into the upper atmosphere for charity / the lion and the unicorn, a tumblr. Not to be confused with the pavilion of the same name at the Festival of Britain / random dot dot dot, a tumblr.


The Google Earth Time Machine (via Kottke), which has an animation of the evolution of the Olympic Park / related, China’s ghost towns and phantom malls, more modern ruin tourism. From the piece: ‘…China is said to have built the equivalent of Rome every two months in the past decade.’ Includes links to Matteo Damiani’s photographs of Chenggong, one of the ‘largest new ghost towns in Asia’, as well as Wonderland in Beijing, a failed amusement park dating back to 1998 (an eternity in modern China). Catherine Hyland has an amazing set of photographs of the park, as well as a video.

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