Unsorted ephemera

Big bundle of things to sift through / Adventures in Stationery is a book by James Ward, a man who claims to like boring things / flickr’s Stationery Junkies pool / a fine selection of found favourites at Proof, the National Geographic’s excellent photo site / This isn’t Happiness points towards the fabulous Deep Space Rugs by Schönstaub. Walk on a tapestry of stars and all that / related, Andromeda and the Milky Way Collide! / The Maps We Wandered Into As Kids / see also Maps on the Web, which collates the best cartographic infographics / Books that allude to books that do not exist / FY, amps and pedals / related, pedal boards / Philip Greenspun has put thousands and thousands of photographs online, many of which are absolutely fascinating / Daniel Eatock’s pen portraits at Eatock / SE/SW, an online exploration of South London. Includes a great photograph of the fabulous Dawson Heights / on the other side of Europe, An Afternoon in Banjica, downtown Belgrade / and over to another continent: use the Google to watch Detroit slide into decay / or use Google to explore the world’s most dangerous worlds / also slightly depressing, Urban-Exploring Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch / sci-fi influenced paintings by David Palumbo / fine taxidermy by Sinke Van Tongeren / more Russian ruins at Sovietgoner.

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