Unnecessary Addendum

It came, it went quickly. The Multi-Story Building Model by Chris Ware, no longer available. ‘Presented as an absolutely unnecessary addendum to the already-unmanageable “Building Stories” graphic novel, this outrageously expensive signed limited edition print will find few interested parties or adherents to its demanding, labor-intensive brand of rainy day leisure — though it offers to the discriminating and unsocialized reader the promise of a complete 11″ x 16″ x 18″ reference model of the multi-unit apartment building imagined therein, with the top floor represented by full furnishings, discarded clothing, one-sided conversations and even false memories.’ At Drawn and Quarterly, although the book itself is published by Pantheon (Amazon link), which also has a great tumblr. The above image is a probably-heretical crop from the book.

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