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Herobrine, or the point at which massively collaborative and community-centric games like Minecraft get to make up their own stories and play with them. Herobrine is the Sasquatch of Minecraft, a quasi-mystical entity that may or may not have been coded into the game. Denials don’t stop a deluge of sightings, mock-ups, mods and videos, as well as a playground mythology that ultimately feeds back into the game itself. Reminds us of the Legends of Elite, the features that were allegedly crammed into 32k or 48k yet couldn’t conceivably have existed. Here’s a listicle type thing on videogame urban legends and here’s the story of Polybius, an arcade cabinet said to cause a strange psychological response: ‘The urban legend describes how the machines were visited by men in black, who collected unknown data from the machines, allegedly testing responses to the game’s psychoactive effects. Players supposedly suffered from a series of unpleasant side effects, including amnesia, insomnia, stress, nightmares and night terrors.’

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