Unintended consequences

Open Memory Box offers the ‘biggest digitized collection of home movies from the GDR’, a dreamlike collection of silent 8mm films of a completely vanished world (thanks to TT for the tip) / Are compostable bags really compostable?, an ongoing series at Plenty of Taste / shimmery music by Arrial / Rule #1 Is You’re Not Invited: An Interview with Fran Blanche of Frantone Electronics at She Shreds / music by Surya / music by Kogumaza / other things / In praise of white noise / related, a collection of themed soundscapes or browser-based generators like Noisli, hipstersound (really), rainyscope, PlayNoise, myNoise and a soft murmur. You get the picture / not related, but could be: ‘BOLD opportunity to own a decommissioned underground Titan II missile complex. Plenty of silence there / The Greater Bear, updating Simon Patterson (via b3ta) / unintended consequences: Ghost ships, crop circles, and soft gold: A GPS mystery in Shanghai; This is the software meltdown behind Crossrail’s costly delay.

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