Underwater cities

John Lautner’s 1960s Wolff Residence in Los Angeles (via Wowhaus) / contemporary pattern designs by Dan Funderburgh / the vanishing Voloport / “Walking on the Moon“, broken down / Secondhand: Travels in the New Global Garage Sale, a new book by Adam Minter (buy) / Second Home in Hollywood, by Selgascano / sort of related, What’s behind a phobia of holes? / There is No Ark,”Photographed in and around Miami, Anastasia Samoylova’s latest book, FloodZone, is an urgent and brooding reflection on the rising sea levels rapidly submerging the city and its environs.” See also Heaven or High Water: Selling Miami’s last 50 years. And even if the condos don’t flood, their prices might collapse in any case.

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