Random things / blind auctions like the Art on a Postcard series are always intriguing / a Brutalist renovation project for the brave, courtesy of Wowhaus / icons at risk / art presented by The Jealous Curator / Return of the Obra Dinn, a vintage adventure game / building miniature cities with Townscaper (via RPS) / London’s lost venues in pictures / music by Spectral Gates / music by Joe 4 / music selections at Destroy//Exist, Independent Music Reviews, and Obscene Baby Auction / covers for an imaginary, but timely, magazine (via tmn) / was Paul Rudolph a Satanist? A rumour we hadn’t heard before / more Escobar folding phone fun / unboxing the world’s cheapest new car / slightly weird thought. Images of protests have a different hue and texture these days, more dramatic and even cinematic. Is this down to advances in low light camera sensors? Especially mobile ones? The revolution will be in high-definition.

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