Tune out the past, and just say yes

Coming to an office near you: ‘One recent study by academics at Oxford University suggests that 47% of today’s jobs could be automated in the next two decades.’ / wish we’d thought of this: Craigslist Mirrors (via, and also picked up at Curator of Curiosities) / Limner Journal is a publication about illustration (via Peter Nencini) / best MeFi posts of 2013 / best Quora Answers of 2013 (via K) / many a gem up for auction in the The Yoku Tanaka Toy Collection Sale / Include Me Out, a classic old school weblog filled with audio and visual ephemera / Burying the Present, time capsules, space operas and revisiting and remembering the past:

‘When, in the manner of a time capsule, we aim to ascribe relevance to the relics of the not-too-distant past, we often wind up interpreting both past and present in a way that underscores how difficult it is to truly understand either.”

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