Tuesday Destinations

The Source of the River Severn at Quintin Lake’s Geometry and Silence website / art by Simon Stalenhag / photography by Spencer Wilton / illustration by Conrad Roset / product design by Dan Jones, including a conceptual VR drone racing kit / The Missal, a weblog / Booktwo, a weblog about technology / Monoskop, ‘a wiki for collaborative studies of the arts, media and humanities’ / Have we learned nothing from the 60s UK demolitions? At Ouno Design / Roadside Culture, a flickr set by Kindra Murphy. Lots of other interesting albums, including Uncut Czechoslovakian matchbox labels from the 50s and 60s’.


How to design a London Underground Station (via MeFi) / how not to redesign a roundabout, apparently / the stock and shop-keeping style of Ax Man looks intriguing. Any UK equivalents? / Instagram and the loss of power in publishing. A look at how image ownership, celebrity culture and advertising are all set to implode in the battle for access, interest and exclusivity / music video: Ogris Debris – See The World (via Dezeen) / recommended music: Smoke Fairies.

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