‘Try rolling your feet over an empty coke bottle’

How the London Playboy Club bankrolled Hef’s empire. Barbara Penner in the Architectural Review on how developer-led modernism (including some ephemeral input from Walter Gropius, most likely in name only) created one of the group’s most profitable and high profile outposts thanks to its casino and world class entertainers. A piece that’s rich in period history and interviews with those that worked there. Some sample, eye-opening, associated ephemera: Roman Polanski Weds Sharon Tate at the Playboy Club in 1968; an original Playboy Bunny Manual (‘Repeated Costume Offenses, such as: Bunny Ears not worn in center of head, bent incorrectly; Reporting without nameplate, penlight, lighter or cash for cigarettes; Bikini panties showing or not worn; Unkept tail’ and ‘In all cases when a Bunny is smoking while on duty, she is to “take a puff” and set the cigarette in an ashtray. Bunnies are not to stand or sit holding a cigarette’).


Other things. Empty gestures: Starchitecture’s Swan Song, Peter Buchanan on the legacy of the architecture of spectacle. In counterpoint, Patrik Schumacher of Zaha Hadid Architects writes In Defense of Stars and Icons / more unbuilt London. These features always look back to the distant past, when it’s often the recent past that is the most jarring / Echoes, an incredible photography project by Hebe Robinson / Palm Springs by Moonlight, photographs by Tom Blachford / animation and art by Jack Featherstone.

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