Trolleys and monuments

Documenting Modern Living, ‘digitizing the Miller House and Garden Collection’, a website devoted to cataloguing and presenting the correspondence and ephemera created during the design and construction of the Miller House in Columbus, Indiana, designed by Eero Saarinen, Alexander Girard and Dan Kiley (via Coudal).


Meawhile, on the other side of the world… Simona Rota’s Ostalgia series treads what’s by now quite familiar ground, the evolutionary dead-end that is Soviet-era monumental modernism. It’s still fascinating and richly evocative, with the buildings themself giving off the kind of patina and memory that the glossy, picture perfect Miller House only regains through its yellowing archives. Via Domus: ‘The word and concept of Ostalgia, born in 1989 after the fall of the Berlin Wall, could be literally translated as Pain of East.’ / another form of Soviet chic, we suppose: Pyongyang Racer! (warning, music autoplays, sometimes. Via MeFi). The game seems about as reliable as the scenario it depicts.


As a follow-on from our earlier link to photography’s evolution into a communicative act, a counter argument, of sorts: The Improbable is the New Normal, according to Kevin Kelly at The Technium / Curators discover first recordings of Christmas Day. Bit late, perhaps / linked earlier but worth flagging up in its own right: Tygertale, ‘a blog about brilliant children’s books’ / illustration as it used to be, a tumblr / Lake Shore Rail Maps, ‘historic railroads, industries and towns of Northern Ohio’.

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