Tricky second issue

This and that. Issue 02 of The Modern House Magazine is available / drawings and paintings by Jake Grewal / taxidermy-inspired art by Polly Morgan / prints by Cicely Englefield. See also / the Wood Society of the Arts / art by Sophie Smallhorn / decaying car vignettes by Joe Kanno / pixel art by Gutty Kreum / Big Muff, a throwback fanzine from the early 90s placed online in its entirety, including the free flexis and tapes / abandon hope all ye who enter: the map of Reddit / The Vault of the Atomic Age, a tumblr / illustration by Peter Greenwood / epic post rock by Oreana / there’s a lot to unpack here: the CIA report on Astral Projection. Related, The Twilight Zone / Brian Sewell soundboard / Short Trip, a game by Alexander Perrin from a while back / Lego Las Vegas, a cancelled set following a mass shooting / The rise and fall of Canary Wharf / a short history of the Travelers Cheque / Cycling is ten times more important than electric cars for reaching net-zero cities.

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