Trees and tropes

The Atomization of the Image. Do 500 photoshopped images of the spraycan cop count as parody, political comment or simply Generation ADHD’s inability to meaningfully engage with anything? (via Our God is Speed) / Go n-eírí an bóthar leat, on liveries, tropes and logos. The tumble of snapshots of slab-sided leisure behemoths making their way down the tourist spine of Europe, coupled with the headline, made us think that perhaps the non-descript squiggles so beloved by caravan and campervan makers are some kind of tattoo, a tribal marking that is near impossible for an outsider to understand.


The Tree of Ténéré was once one of the world’s remotest trees. Until someone drove into it / Aaron Hobson’s Cinemascapes now comes in a Google Street View Edition (via MeFi) / see also Jon Rafman / 3D Map of London’s Urban Complexity at the Urban Geographics blog / see also the CityKit Instant City Generator: become Robert Moses for just under $150. Also linked at Digital Urban, which also links two short films: I Look and Move, a stop-motion trip around Moscow, and Robots of Brixton.


A couple more posts about the richness of digital realms, both at rps: Is 2011 The Year Of Game World Exploration?, on the popularity of the sandbox game model, and a virtual recreation of the Titanic’s interior, created using a game engine / idiocy into functionalism / this b3ta-gathered collection of amazing projects is worth your time.

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