Travelling and Trespass

Kevin Cyr produces images and objects, including Camper Bike, a sort of deconstructed housing crisis on wheels, a device for a new frontier that has nothing to do with traditional ‘urban mobility’ / open the pod bay doors HAL. Build the Discovery in LEGO. Sizeable pdf file, found via MeFi / an interactive map of Fogo Island and its new architecture / 136 creepy Wikipedia articles / the Risograph, a form of high speed ultra-colour printing. See the output of Landfill Editions, or the archived work of Manymono.


The Finishing Line (1977), ‘A schoolboy’s daydream of a fantasy sports day in a railway location, where the events are acts of vandalism and trespass, is used to show the injuries and death which can be caused by such behaviour.’ One of many gems in the BFI’s Creative Archive Licence Group, which also includes ‘Fundamentalism’ v ‘Evolution’, “Head-on train smash staged at ‘Monkeyville’ to typify clash in U.S.A. between adherents of Bible and followers of Darwin. All America is watching the blaze of conflict between Science and the Scriptures…”. Filmed in 1925, at the height of the Scopes Trial.

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