Train and shipwrecks

A Horse of a Different Color Divides Denver, on one of Denver Airport’s many unusual works of public art / polis, ‘a collaborative blog on urbanism with a global focus’ / Whitechapel Ghost Style posts about the photographic ghosts of London / sex and chocolate propoganda research, a guest post at Sociological Images. Could be longer / its his and hers, a weblog / ‘X-37B US miltary spaceplane returns to Earth… after seven months in orbit.’ / visual effects design Doug Drexler has a weblog, the Drex Files / Syd Mead should get a blog too. We haven’t seen his Doha imagery before.


Sidebar, a weblog with a media slant / Glorious Trainwrecks, the very worst of video games / 8-bit graphics at The Spriters Resource / the New City Reader Classifieds, a project that ‘sets out to map longing, desire, guilt and regret in the city, as well as the city’s losses and desires through the classified section.’ A project of The New City Reader, ‘a Newspaper Of Public Space’ / South Willard sells things and has a store / Kssk, a tumblr from Japan / French artist Julien Berthier has designed a fully functional boat to look as if it is sinking.


Urbex Barrie, abandoned East Coast America / what if Lego was smaller? Introducing Nanoblock, via The Living Brick. It splices retro-pixel art with physical models, as per the examples shown in Mameblog and Nanoblog / Rinspeed BamBoo, a Citroen Mehari for the 21st century / Betonbabe, a tumblr ‘collecting lost and found pieces of architecture, urbanism, art and design’ / Metropolis II, via Kottke, the freeway city in miniature. A bit like GM’s Futurama but stripped of any utopianism.

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