Towering or tottering

In the same vein as BCM’s recent Brutalist London Map is the new Art Deco London Map / a project that falls somewhere in the middle, the Tate’s new Switch House is now just a month from opening. See also our gallery of the building’s construction / Bunkerama, a photographic survey of France’s lingering WWII bunkers, a project by Jason Guilbeau / republished, Michael Sorkin’s Skyscrapers from A to Z, originally published in 1991 / 10 projects that look to a future of robot-built architecture / Etch a Sketch art from PrincessEtchaSketch / ‘The Feminist Stiletto?‘ Can high tech high heels from Thesis Couture make style and symbolism less painful? ‘Heels, indeed, are thought to be the cause of much of the roughly $3.5 billion that women in the United States spend each year on foot surgeries.’

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