Top and tail

Current Affairs writes about Mansion, ‘the Friday Wall Street Journal supplement reviewing the wild extravagance of the hideously rich’ / compare and contrast with Courier, which ‘reports on modern business and startup culture’ / nominate London’s worst public sculpture. We’ll come back to this one / Centre Point flats taken off market: ‘The decision to halt sales means about half of the tower’s 82 flats, which range from £1.8m for a small one-bedroom apartment to £55m for the two-storey five-bedroom penthouse, will now lie empty’. What goes around, comes around: ‘Because of an economic downturn much of [Centre Point] remained empty for several years, with Hyams content to benefit from the escalation in its capital value while he paid no rates. The structure thus gained a reputation as a monument to the evils of capitalism and a hundred squatters occupied it in 1974′ / an abandoned Albanian airbase, chock full of old MiGs / another piece on the thousands of old magazines housed at the Hyman Archive.

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