Today there was a tragedy, Underneath the bridge

‘Design culture is really nothing more than a highly complex, super-developed system of driven-by-object fetishism‘ / musings on the passing of Loaded. A great counterpoint: the rise of Buzzfeed and a lament for the ‘flush’ world of pre-internet journalism (in the 1980s, Time was ‘So flush that if you stayed past 8, you could take a limousine home… and take it anywhere, including to the Hamptons if you had weekend plans there’).


Other things. Inherited Values, a blog about antiques / Moonjs: An Online Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) Simulator. Probably a bit more entertaining to play Lunar Lander instead / another old school-style distraction, the ICBM Game. Shades of War Games / And Then There Was One: the defiant property owners of China, watching the world changing around them / a modular electric vehicle from NASA / ephemera from You Only Live Twice / The Plagiarist in the Kitchen is the latest volume from Jonathan Meades / Hey9000 is a world of nightmarish imagery and juxtapositions / Rear Window is being shown in the open as part of Dulwich Picture Gallery’s MayFest. Old, but good: see the film’s set recreated as huge panoramic timelapse by Jeff Desom.


As a follow-on from the last few days of galactic intrigue, here’s a link to download and read Ronald Story’s The Space Gods Revealed, an efficient debunking of the theory of the ancient astronaut from 1976. Thanks to No More Negative for the original file.

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