To here knows when

Yellow Loveless is a Japanese My Bloody Valentine tribute album. Blue Loveless is a Korean My Bloody Valentine tribute album. Or why not listen to Grondo McRanny’s Loveless cover album in full. Or a bit of Japancakes’ version. You can even listen to Loveless Pitched One Semitone Upthis is why. Alternatively, there is Meekless, a Beatles covers, MBV style.


Other things / high street shops in sci-fi films / 50s Berlin in colour, part 2 / shot with a haycorn bullet: Apocalypse Pooh / a short history of the intern / the world of sonic weapons / photography projects by Jean-Luc Cramatte / Nick and Kylie, together again for 20,000 Days on Earth (which has an accompanying Museum of Important Shit, as succinct a description of the weblog/tumblr as we’ve ever encountered).

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