Time for Change

The Gunpowder Plot: exploding the legend, a science-y look at what a lot of barrels of Seventeenth Century gunpowder might have done to parliament. Talking of London cellars, apparently the wine cellars of Devonshire House, the London seat of the Duke of Devonshire that once occupied the plot immediately south of Berkeley Square before being demolished in 1925, now form the ticket office of Green Park Underground Station (originally Dover Street). Devonshire House can be seen from Horwood’s Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster, 1792 – 1799 and John Fairburn’s 1801 Plan of Westminster and London.


Daniel Weil’s Clock for an Astronomer and Clock for an Architect deconstruct the timepiece in components and structures familiar to their owners / A Sardine Street Box of Tricks, a manual for the ‘mis-guided tour’, for those who seek ‘ambiguous, ironical or hollowed-out rituals [that will] complement the multiplicity of your walk with intensity of feeling or depth of engagement.’ / Pere Lebrun, a weblog about politics.


Historical Travel Menus From Northwestern’s Transportation Library (via MeFi). Of course, a treasure trove of loveliness and nostalgia, the latter in much evidence thanks to the subject matter combining illustration, graphics, long-changed destinations and the nagging doubt – buoyed along by popular culture – that the past was somehow cooler and more visually literate than the present / Linocut Boy, a weblog all about that most timeless of mediums / Bus-Tops, ‘a collaborative public art installation across 20 London boroughs. There are 30 red and black LED screens dotted around London, on the roofs of bus shelters. Absolutely anyone in the world can create artwork for them…’.


Destroyed in Seconds, the Discovery Channel’s cut-to-the-chase portal for online disaster voyeurism (inspired by the absence of the video in this Kottke post) / War or Gaming Fun?, the BBC invites us to spot the difference between real images of conflict zones and the work of photographer John Cantile, using the Arma 2 engine / the Holy Bible, an idle video blog / What size am I?, charting the range of standards at use on the high street / Work and Boredom, a tumblr.


We’ve been known to get this wrong before, but right now it looks like we’re down to the very last copy of things 17/18. Act quickly.

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  1. timd says:

    hi, as ever thanks for the interesting links
    the bus tops link doesn’t link
    I assume you mean: http://bus-tops.com/

  2. face paint says:

    Destroyed in Seconds sounds really good, I’ll be sure to look it up.

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