Thursday ephemera trawl

A collection of things. Jarvis Cocker’s Aline, Aline, a video directed by Wes Anderson. See also Anderson’s train carriage for British Pullman / farewell to Rick Jones of Fingerbobs / 2001 A Space Odyssey: Dubstep re-edit. See also 2001: A Spiritualized Odyssey / post-tourism Bali / a profile of architectural photographer Hélène Binet. Hélène Binet’s website / 8 BIT, a documentary about art and videogames / which animals are bastards? There is no right or wrong / the origins of techno-paranoia, Illustrations of Madness: James Tilly Matthews and the Air Loom, at the Public Domain Review (via MeFi) / Klimt vs Klimt, lavish presentation of the Austrian artist’s work at Google Arts & Culture / the Walk of Life Project, enhancing film endings old and new / the Hollywood Age Gap / Ride’s Andy Bell on Revolver / sample collections at the Piano Book / First Woman, the tale of the first woman on the moon, an online comic from NASA / art by Pierpaolo Rovero / Walking the Capital Ring, a set of guides from the Inner London Ramblers / a huge collection of unknown but useful websites / some top tips on aggregating and assembling a personal digital archive.

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