Charley Says, the art of the British Public Information film at Dangerous Minds / a Stationery Field Guide, at So & So magazine / China, the workshop and the scrapheap of the world. Thoughts on the culture of recycling at Shanghai Scrap, a weblog / The Crackhouse Sketchbook, a tumblr / the best Metafilter posts from December 2011. One of the winners: Gigographies / The Year That Was, tmn on 2011 / original vintage film posters at Eye Sea (blog) / art and illustration at The Thumbtack Press.


Long Story, Short Pier, a weblog / asfaltics, a tumblr / over my shoulder, a studio tumblr by artist Mark Schoening / 80s Art, a tumblr / Assemblage Blog / Designage, a tumblr / exploring an abandoned Russian missile silo (factory?) / More animated comic book covers at Dangerous Minds / what to do with your pet once you’ve been raptured / search the trademark database / On the Afterlife of Tintin at the Los Angeles Review of Books / play (a copy of) Warcraft 1 in your browser / know any good graphic design tumblrs? From where we ended up at graphic porn (not porn), The Hickensian and siiimple.


The Very Model of a (LEGO) Architect, the story of Adam Tucker of Brickstructures and the evolution of the LEGO Architecture Series / Zen and the Apple Donut: is the Foster design for Apple way too simplistic? Tough to make in Lego / RIP two distinctive architects: Andrew Geller and Ricardo Legorreta.

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