Throwing shapes

A collection of more Wes Anderson Analysis than you could ever possibly need, courtesy of film blog Every Frame a Painting / Piccadilly Circus, an illustration by Renzo Picasso from 1929. There’s a larger archive of Picasso’s work here. The relatively unknown designer sounds like an elaborately constructed character from an Anderson film / staying inter-war, the A.B.C. Murders is a point and click adventure game featuring Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot (via RPS) / more graphics. We remember being thrilled and entertained by PC demos back in the day. The scene is still very much active. This 4k intro showcases the insane complexity that can be crammed in to 4096 bytes (via Superarchitects) / finally, an iconic note for the weekend. The New Thames Bridge shortlist has been unveiled, and the results are the slickly rendered aftermath of a collision between a spaghetti dinner and a paint factory. Part of the problem is that the bridge is elevated high above the water, meaning a profusion of ramps and spirals are needed to descend to pavement level on each side. It also doesn’t help that the edifice will have be up against the dismal backdrop of Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea, dumping ground for insane ideas and sub-par architecture for several decades. Bring back the Crystal Span of 1963.

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