Throwing itself under the [Micro]bus

The psychology of the VW emissions scandal laid bare (via MeFi), a decade-long deception that stems, in part, from VW’s stubborn desire to give the US market what it thought it needed as opposed to what it so clearly wanted – the ‘stillborn’ 2001 Microbus concept in particular. Going even further back, perhaps VW’s German masters never quite got over the very slightly patronising (although clearly self-deprecating attitudes) that made the 1960s Beetle campaign so important? Those now-legendary ads positioned VW as a tiny, plucky underdog up against American industrial might (and scale). Presumably at some point this narrative started to rub the engineers and executives in Wolfsburg up the wrong way.


Bunker Research, ‘the hidden history of modernism in the mountains’ by Max Leonard and Camille McMillan / computer generated art and physical installations by Jonathan Monaghan, via POSTmatter, an online publication dedicated to the intersection of the real and virtual / Zadie Smith on Brexit / some music: Unknown Rains, by Prurient / Lift Off Delay, by Cicada Verse / Wovoka Gentle / In celebration of the 1980s 12″ remix – a lot of excellent links there to sift through and listen to.

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