Through the rabbit hole

Starring the Computer, ‘a website dedicated to the use of computers in film and television’. A bit like the Internet Movie Cars Database, the site’s creators have set themselves up for a never-ending task, although many of the references in StC are from period dramas looking for iconic props to capture the spirit of an age / business card/music box, via Create Digital Music, which also has word of FRACT, a 3D adventure game that requires musical compositions in lieu of solving puzzles. FRACT official site.


Southern California Swimming Pools: 1945-1982, a short visual history at Pop Curious. Contains nudity, cocktails / Who knows the origins of the innocent whistle? / ultra stealthy urban house by Jack Woolley / the ISO Performance Of Cameras At The 2001 Super Bowl Vs Today / the 1960 Model “X” – Geographic, a travel trailer for the space age.

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