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A marvellous riposte to an invitation to work the mechanics of UK healthcare from the inside at Muck. Sample: ‘I think the public has a vague idea about NHS privatisation, but they aren’t yet able to put a face to the name, so to speak. Care UK’s name could be that face.’ / another year, another MeFi thread about Threads. This post is especially informative:

‘Greenpeace and CND argued that [the Protect and Survive public information series] made nuclear war more likely, as it increased the public’s perception that nuclear war was survivable. In fact, according to my uncle, that was precisely what is was intended to do, but for different reasons. The planners of the day realised they didn’t have the resources to control the widespread civil disobedience that would arise in the period of instability immediately preceding a strike, or to control outbreaks of disease that would arise from the millions of dead bodies strewn around the outdoors where they fell. So they devised a process that would both keep everyone occupied and docile, and ensure they died indoors. Hence all the fuss about lengthy preparations for building shelters out of door frames and covering them in turf – completely ineffective, but time consuming and indoors.’

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