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Watershed+ is a great tumblr by a Calgary-based public arts initiative, focusing on architectural and artistic interventions surrounding water and society, old and new / the Capitol Building under construction, 1863 / the Design Museum’s 2013 designs of the year shortlist / Ben Sandler’s Tomorrowland series, a melange of mid-century and futurism / There’s Something Happening Here, an exhibition of contemporary photographers / La Boca Blog, design inspiration / Jessica Likes This, the tumblr of artist Jessica Eaton.


Dark, mysterious woodland photographed by Michael Lange / We find Wildness, a site about photography / Glenn Beck building his own city. Seaside on steroids / PHANTOM. Mies as Rendered Society, an installation by Andrés Jaque that explores the stuff hidden away in the basement of Barcelona Pavilion: ‘The basement area was deliberately created as a hidden storage and maintenance room. Most visitors to the pavilion are unaware of its existence, so Jaque imagined the things inside it to be like ghosts.’

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