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Another chunk of things. Dennis Zahone collects Memphis / the architecture of Antonioni’s The Passenger, 1975, at Architecture of Film / Sydney’s Doll Hospital, a photographic portrait / a short film about Dutchness in design / abandoned shopping carts, photographs by Joy Sportel at Polar Inertia / short and sweet: One Tap Quest / the Autobianchi Bianchina, a Fiat 500 with added style / Hybrid Modernism: Movie Theatres in South India / Miranda July Made A Purse For Neurotics Like Us (at Refinery 29. People seem to have perfected the idea of the ‘glossy blog’. What would once have cost an unattainable amount is now the ‘authentic’ mode of display on the web, symptomatic of the relentless professionalisation of modern life. Because the digital tools exist to create a certain sheen – whether it’s the implied depth texture of letterpress, bokeh, a slick fade or slide – anything less is seen as disrespecting the material in some way. The website as dusty card catalogue is a thing of the past).

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