This and that for Wednesday

Music: Thee Telepaths / Black Angel Drifter (formed from the creative core of Morton Valence) / Which cruise ship library is right for you? (via tmn) / 9 Things Microsoft Could Do With LinkedIn / Influx is a blog about cars, sponsored by a car insurer / every frame a picture: 2001, Picasso-style (via MeFi) / see also The Sounds of Starships / Electric Edens, ‘speculations on a new ruralism’ / paintings of industrial America by Charles Sheeler / Twenty Over Eighty: Conversations on a Lifetime in Architecture and Design / The Peckham Connection, photographing local commerce / Altered Images, a project by the Bronx Documentary Center / PictureBox, a great tumblr / Jonathan Crowe is a blogger and cartographer / Betts Project, an art gallery specialising in architecture / paintings by Richard Elliott / the Ultimate Music Tracker Base / songs so full of wonder they make your heart ache / The Evidence Room: ‘forensic interpretation of the blueprints and architectural remains of Auschwitz’. A very moving installation currently at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

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