Things to watch

Minimum Wage in European Countries, part of the Google Public Data Explorer / The Decorators, a London-based design agency / the 1980s FuzzFace reissue / the Charnel-House, Historico-Philosophical Notes / Ampersand Magazine, literature from Australia / MMMT, a tumblr / Kalle Kataila, photography / the Hot Wheels Wiki / The Other Side, a weblog / the finest magazine runs in history at this recording / all about Dieter Rams / Ptak Science Books, ‘A million words on connections in the history of science, math and technology with images, social history and general found environments.’ / watching the foundations of Tate 2, a time lapse film / Fabricate Venue Scan, a 3D animation of a conference auditorium, taken by ScanLAB Projects / a flickr set of Phonehenge West, outsider architecture (via MeFi) / ‘two images from the 1909 Paris Air Show held at the Grand Palais‘, at Prometheus Unbound. Baroque technology.

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  1. Ross Wolfe says:

    Hey, this is Ross from the Charnel-House. Thank you for the plug.

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  3. thanks for linking The Other Side, much appreciated

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