Things to start the year with

No reviews of the year here. Just some links / medieval forensics and more at Sarah Woodbury’s blog / photography by Thorsten Klapsch / The Lives They Lived, personal spaces (tidied and cleaned) photographed shortly after death / staying with the cheery theme, World War Three by Mistake sees Eric Schlosser – author of the excellent Command and Control – sets out some unwelcome unintended consequences for 2017 / sort of related, the Denge Sound Mirrors, doomed to become the Easter Island statues of our declining civilization / of course, what go wrong with the idea of giant flying warehouses spooling out drones above our heads? Sky piracy, unsecured cargo dumps, Whisky Galore style, the darkening of the sun when goods go viral and everyone one-clicks at once / architects and engineers crit the Death Star design. They could have gone further. Related, the data formats of Rogue One / why the Helsinki Guggenheim was doomed (and why the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi has yet to start on site) / more architecture, lost Frank Lloyd Wright buildings rendered in full colour / Robbie Wojciechowski’s weblog / the story of 16 2/3 rpm records at Bloggerrhythms, including the Seeburg 1000 background music system and Chrysler’s Highway Hi-Fi / sort of related, the history of Muzak / cars by Keith Haring / coffee lids collected by Louise Harpman.

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