Things to do today

Some of the bright spots amongst all the gloom are the pointers to interesting content, old and new, that are springing up all around the web. Diversions and distractions they may be, but they’re also a nod back to the early days of the web, when every site felt like piece of personal curation for the benefit of everyone, not just a marker of personality. Personal favourites Kottke, Metafilter and the morning news are doing a great job of mixing news with information and distraction in equal doses. We can’t hope to match their output, but here are few things collated for your curiosity. Diverted Traffic, articles of note (and they certainly have a lot of these) at the London Review of Books / a beautiful Moleskine sketchbook by the illustrator Mattias Adolfsson / books by GraphicDesign& / Cabinets of Curiosities, a typically lavish Taschen tome / Walking Simulators make a fine distraction / living in bunkers does not / the KORG Kaossilator, free for now / The History of the URL / The history of CSS / we are sleepwalking into disaster: why are robot dogs invariably headless?

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