Things that might or might not work

Why the iPad newspaper might not be doomed versus Why the iPad Newspaper is Doomed. An ongoing debate. From the latter: ‘Since The Daily is an iPad app, there will be no inbound links, and reportedly no outbound links to the web, either. And there will be no web version. That isolation instantly kneecaps the paper’s ability to promote itself; the web will convert The Daily’s big scoops into blog summaries, tweets, Facebook rants and even iPad screenshots — but not into traffic for the publication that generated the buzz in the first place’.


Finding an interesting blog just as it goes on indefinite hiatus: My Love for You. There is also a tumblr / office notepads by Andrew Maynard Architects. Inspired perhaps by Field Notes? / I’m learning to share, a weblog about pop culture / cubical furniture and lighting from Clemens Tissi / the full text of Tower Block, Miles Glendinning and Stefan Muthesius’s epic piece of post-war architectural scholarship is now online (via Nasty Brutalist and Short).


Better Places through active participation, a weblog by Soundings, an architecture studio / Use and Habit, a new issue of The Generalist: ‘What happens to the architecture after it has left the architect’s office, when the tradesmen are gone, when the photographers have completed their task? What happens to the architecture when it is handed over to its true destiny – when, to put it quite simply, it is used?’


Driving the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: ‘”A minor shunt in this will likely cost €500,000 (nearly $700,000 USD). You would feel very bad to be responsible for such a thing.” Raphenel continued darkly, “The people here are not used to seeing these cars on the road, and you become a target as drivers fixate on you.”‘


The Spontaneous City / Nemesis Republic, on urbanism, trams, heritage and development. All fascinating stuff / Tom Phillips’ The Humument is now available for iPad: So, safely delivered it shows, in colours more glowing that my pens and paints could achieve, almost like church windows at times, the whole of A Humument, including very recent pages / Vulgare, a weblog about artificial landscape and gardening, which has no room for this fantastically Minecraft-esque piece of sculpture in Singapore.

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