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11 Months, 3000 pictures and a lot of coffee. Restoring an engine / How GM Beat Tesla to the First True Mass-Market Electric Car / related: end of the road as car use falls? / Teenage Crushes, selling the supercars of the 80s and 90s / the VFX in the Force Awakens / the future still looks great at X-Ray Delta One / in reality, the future still gets torn down: the buildings we lost in 2015 / when architectural vision doesn’t match reality: the story of Winnipeg’s award-winning and doomed social housing / Welika, have you ever wondered what Manhattan was like before it was a city? / Bad Postcards, a celebratory tumblr / a cavalcade of gifs / coming soon, Punk London In The City 1975-78, a new map from Herb Lester / Rosebud Sleds and Horses’ Heads, an illustrated journey through fifty of film’s most evocative objects. See also Screengems, a dive into resonant objects in film at The Big Picture Magazine.

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