Things from here and there

Mysterious, Abandoned Indonesian Church Shaped like a Giant Chicken / compare and contrast the puns and names conjured up in the English translations of Asterix / ‘Have you never paused to wonder at the delicate hum that lurks behind the Google search box?’ The Sound of the Internet / short films at the Architecture Player / beautiful gifs from Japan / Calamityware, mugs of chaos / Hokusai’s Ephemera, a project by Louie Rigano / Mass Shooting Tracker / How to make your own slow jams / Carnet Imaginaire, a tumblr / art by Hilary Hayton, formerly art director for BBC children’s programmes in the 60s / the 1955 Belgian Grand Prix, or how F1 used to be reported (via Autoblog) / Argos: 40 years of catalogue shopping: 1986 and 1976.

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