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Other things, a long list to make up for a few weeks of absence / speculative plans for a Mission to Mars, one option of presumably many / social media fuelled road trip across the American West / Central London Weather (via digital urban) / Blueprint magazine has relaunched its website / Architizer re-launches as well / Doarama, ‘an interactive 3D diorama of an activity you do’ / Movie Gimmicks of the 1950s, tingling seats, HypnoVista and the “Illusion-O” ghost viewer.


Fun online tools by Tim Holman, including Texter, a tool for creating a screen of chaos, Fizzy Cam and Image Nodes / Painting Perceptions has a long post about the art of the late Euan Uglow, including a focus on the painter’s meticulous set-ups, measuring and composition. There are some more Uglow paintings at / related, Painting OWU, a weblog / Meretricious, a fine art focus tumblr / Detroit Schools, then and now / play classic Game & Watch (and its many, inferior, imitators) on this elegant flash site.


The Timetablist, a weblog devoted to ‘Images of Airline Timetables, Airline Route Map Images, Airline Ads, New Airline Service Advertisements, First Flight Covers of Commercial Airline Flights’. A good companion to Travel Brochure Graphics / Man 3D-printing his own replica Aston Martin DB4 / A life in Art of Monika Kinley, a site devoted to the life of the curator and patron / Cuttingword, imagery and architecture tumblr / The Burning Ear, a music blog / Oculus Pentacam, a tumblr that provides a feast of abstract imagery / ISS in Transit / Wallpaper* publishes a fine tribute to David Collins / Andrew Davidson’s hand engraved Harry Potter covers.


“Without Major Ivan Hirst, there may have been no Volkswagen as we know it today” / ‘In 1747, the sensational discovery of an ancient chronicle redrew the map of Roman Britain and gave us place names we still use today. There was only one problem. It was a sham‘ / A Blizzard of Tiny Kisses, Clive James reviews Princess Daisy by Judith Krantz, May 1980 / children’s books about secret spaces / How Kiyoshi Izumi Built the Psych Ward of the Future by Dropping Acid / Sniffex Questions is a blog devoted to one of the great ongoing frauds of our time, the fraudulent ‘bomb sniffing device’.

Further analysis by the FBI and Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico established that Quadro’s programming cards were small squares of photocopy paper sandwiched between pieces of plastic. Dale Murray, who examined the device at Sandia, discovered that the Quadro programming method was to take a Polaroid photograph of the desired target—gunpowder, cocaine, or on one occasion, an elephant—blow up the image on a Xerox machine, cut up the copy into fragments, and use these to provide the card with its “molecular signature.” “They had a very naive explanation of how it worked,” Murray says. “They were fascinated by Polaroid photographs.”

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