Things for Friday

The Imagination Playground, the David Rockwell-designed playset of ‘loose parts,’ explained at length in Rebecca Mead’s piece on playground design in the New Yorker / vintage children’s illustrations from Kat in the Cupboard (via) / Jiffy / Trice, a tumblr / Drawn and Quarterly, modern graphic literature.


Cosmobells, quirky pop-cultural archivist / me-ru-mo, a tumblr / Not Possible In Real Life, a now defunct weblog devoted to design experiments in Second Life / Londres Calling, a French language take on UK current affairs / all about ‘dalniks‘ and cabin motorcycles.


The Biefeld–Brown effect, which leads on to Projet Montgolfier, flying saucers in 50s France / the Hand Drawn Map Association / vault 217 offers up things from the Special Collections and Archives at the George Mason University Libraries (a pleasingly chunky piece of 60s collegiate) / we still haven’t found time to play with the Audiotool / very, very long photographic exposures.

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