Things and monsters

The Tale of the Cables, ‘Reading WikiLeaks as literature’ (“Berdimuhamedov does not like people who are smarter than he is,” this cable writer relates. “Since he’s not a very bright guy, our source offered, he is suspicious of a lot of people.”) / I re-fight World War Two and lose, or how Hearts of Iron III is surprisingly accurate’. Simulation as a second job: from the comments, ‘I know a TV executive who goes home each night and spends a couple of hours ferrying tomatoes between Earth and Barnard’s Star in order to raise enough money to buy a bigger, faster spaceship. I believe he is hoping to oneday be able to afford a Death Star and conquer the galaxy.’


We’ve heard all about the Warcraft sweatshops, but what about those people so immersed in MMORPGs that they are effectively doing two jobs? The social and economic cost of having to co-exist within a parallel, fantasy universe is regularly rolled out as a great modern evil. Sites like WoW Detox (‘50,000+ Stories, Confessions, and Testimonials and counting.’) and stories about gaming addiction ebb and flow, with no real conclusions being drawn. What’s apparent is that the connections that people have with virtual objects and places have become just as real as those they have with things that exist in real life. And yet paradoxically, the idea of the ‘virtual museum‘ has all but stalled, as the ‘real’ object reveals itself to be incredibly hard to pin down online.


A Miami Beach Event Space. Parking Space, Too.. Miami’s 1111 Lincoln Road seems to have ticked all the gentrification boxes: “I wouldn’t even think of parking anywhere else when I’m downtown,” said Douglas Sharon, a financial adviser, who steers his gray Ferrari into the garage several times a week.” / the Tate Blog / Listening / Technology / Journal, the interface of statistics, music and tech / 1000 Words Photography Magazine / Fuji X100, the purest manifestation of retro design? / TriMoCa, modern homes in the Tristate area / photography by E.O.Hoppe, including interwar London. Dancers at Peckham Health Centre, 1935. Looking south (?) over London Bridge, 1925, from The Image of London.


Kill Screen, a videogame magazine / Venus Patrol, a minimalist, atmospheric flight simulator for the PC / how to recycle a Nimrod / Museum of the Modern Snowglobe / the websites that Noisy Decent Graphics likes this afternoon / Monster Brains, the beast in popular culture (and from where the masthead picture is taken) / see also GOLEM, the Journal of Religion and Monsters. Includes essays like ‘Today the Pond, Tomorrow the World: A Look at Frogs as Divine Portent through an Ecological Lens’ (pdf) and many other essays in a similar vein.

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