things 09 (Winter 1998-1999)

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Editorial – The whole story

Ambrose Hogan – Coventry Cathedral …and the theatre of war
Lisa Hirst – Dressing the part: Workwear for the home 1953-1965
Esther Leslie – The war on memory: Disappearances in Soviet photography

other things
Liz Boggis – Working to rule: Frederick Winslow Taylor and the Enigma of Efficiency
Adam Zagejewski – Dutch painters, a poem
Laurel Blossom – Making waves: The Beach: The History of Paradise on Earth
Flora Samuel – Generation games: toys for mothers and daughters
Hildi Hawkins – Powers that be: The Work of Charles and Ray Eames, Design Museum, London
Jonathan Key – Just for the kicks: England vs. Argentina, 30 June 1998
Greg Stevenson – Modern man Murray: Keith Murray, ceramics designer
C.S. Lewis – Dinner at the Beavers: things in Narnia
Ruth Rau – Museums for beginners: The Museum of Collectors, The Bargehouse, London
Codswallop – American nursery rhyme
Jonathan Bell – Human races: Speed: Visions of an Accelerated Age
Liz Boggis – World of interiors: Pieter de Hooch 1629-1684, Dulwich Picture Gallery
Too much – Scottish stotting and skipping rhyme
Hannah Andrassy – Bright young things: Addressing the Century: 100 Years of Art and Fashion
Hannah Ford – Play for today: Iona and Peter Opie, Children’s Games with Things
Robert Crawford – The minister’s marriage, a poem
Peter Davidson – Now you see me, now you don’t: Reflections on owning a donkey jacket
Jonathan Bell – Home and abroad: Houses in Children’s Books
Andrew Bolton – Selling the revolution: New China, Ancient Art : Lacquer from Yangzhou
Hildi Hawkins – Apres-ski, a poem
Soila Lehtonen – Eat or be eaten: Mark Kurlansky, Cod
Mrs Andrews – The bee’s knees: ‘And then I got brave and started wearing trousers…’
Stephen Watts – In a ceramic playground, a poem

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