things 17/18 (Spring 2004)

things 17-18
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Editorial: Seen and unseen

old things
Tony Wood – Prisoners of Paradise. The caryatids and atlantes of St Petersburg
Andy Crewdson – Swiss cheese, Helvetica: homage to a typeface, Lars Muller Publishers, 2003
Tony Wood – Deep thoughts. Titanic – The Artefact Exhibition, Science Museum, London
Tobias Seamon – Letters to Doughboy, a short story
Hildi Hawkins – Marimekko and me, Marimekko: Fabrics Fashion Architecture, edited by Marianne Aav

things in the city
Markus Nummi – Adieu Paris, a short story
Neil Rollison – My wives, a poem
Douglas Spencer – Walking around Paris, Maps, urban navigation and the avant-garde

forgotten things
Alan Powers – Low art in high places, Barbara Jones and the assault on taste
Peter Davidson – Radiant realms, North-country mines and the decorative art of spar box making

things at home
Ben Highmore – Cupboard love, Personal cleansing in BBC2’s Life Laundry
Avni Patel – Gods in the cupboard, Hindu shrines at home
Thomas Lux – Refrigerator 1957, a poem
Christopher Stocks – Pocket-sized pleasures, the subtle allure of pebbles
Krystal Chang – Animate objects, things we keep, things we leave behind

moving things
Heather Puttock – Life and letters, penpals and the art of correspondence
Tom Bentley – Roads to freedom, the Airstream caravan: retro travel ready to roll
John Weich – Roads to freedom, Mobility: A room with a view
Charles Barclay – Morphosis, Butterfly, Richard Wilson

things not what they seem
Francesca Beard – The poem that was really a list, a poem
John Weich – The anxiety of everyday living, a short story

dangerous things
István Örkény – Critical mass, a short story
Limited Language – Shooting images, Photographs from the war in Iraq in the light of Susan Sontag’s Regarding the pain of others

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