things 16 (Summer 2002)

things 16
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Editorial – Objective language

Dan Smith – Victorian values, the making of the Albert Memorial
Tony Wood – Notes from underground: the Moscow metro system
Benjamin Wurgaft – The boredom of order, connoisseurs of the difficult

other things
Heather Puttock – Mall stories, The Harvard Guide to Shopping, by Rem Koolhaas
Charles Barclay – Fly by might, Planespotting and Trumpet-blowing: Italian Aviation Posters 1910-1943
Jonathan Bell – Mixing it up, Hardcore! Concrete’s Rise from Utility to Luxury
F.Scott Fitzgerald – Ages of man, extract from a short story
Liz Bailey – The folding stuff, Collapsibles: A Design Album of Space-Saving Objects
Christopher Stocks – Beds for the Reds, Building the Cold War, Annabel Jane Wharton
Rosecrans Baldwin – How to shop, Prada, 575 Broadway, New York
Jonathan Bell – Sharp focus, Speck: A Curious Collection of Uncommon Things, by Peter Buchanan-Smith
Tony Wood – Table-talk, Richard Artschwager at the Serpentine Gallery, London
Philip Graham – Expedition, Volunteering at a New York restaurant after 9/11
Dan Smith – Art of Glass, The Glass Aquarium: Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka
Peter Davidson – Ground force, the secret meanings of Italian baroque gardens
Tim Travis – Fly me to the moon, Kosmos by Adam Bartos
Catherine Croft – Lost and found, England’s Lost Houses, Giles Worsley and Collaborations: The Architecture of ABK by Kenneth Powell
Olivia O’Kane – Getting and spending, Products for Prada, OMA/AMO, Rem Koolhaas
Steve Escritt – Towering genius? William Beckford, 1760-1844: An Eye for the Magnificent
Monika Parrinder – Objects of the Imagination, Metaphors of the mind

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