things 15 (Winter 2001-02)

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Editorial – What’s Cooking?

Laurel Blossom – Counterfeijtsel, Johannes Vermeer, Han van Meegeren and the art of forgery
Joseph Masheck – ‘His Native Doric’ + other columns, Adolf Loos and the Chicago Tribune
L. Gamman + R. Sabin – Hard sell for soft soap, Soap-box graphics and the language of comics
Rosecrans Baldwin – Notes from 10th Street, NY, NY, A walk across Manhattan

other things
Jonathan Bell – The future of music?, John Alderman’s Sonic Boom
Jorge Luis Borges -Things, a poem
Tony Wood – Disorientations, ‘Lie of the Land’ at The British Library, London
Rosemary Shirley – Boingg! The fate of the Fylingdales Ballistic Early Warning System
Heather Puttock – No-go areas, Patricia Goldstone’s Making the World Safe for Tourism
Peter Davidson – Holy snow! The origin and meaning of sacred snowglobes
Anonymous – The property of a minor diplomat, Objects from the Ars Diplomatica collection
Liz Bailey – Game, book and match, Van Burnham’s Supercade, videogames from 1971-1984
Hildi Hawkins – Between two worlds, Isamu Noguchi, ‘Sculptural Design’, Design Museum
Susanne Ringell – Egil and Folke, a short story
Jonathan Bell – What goes around, comes around, Martin Parr’s Boring Postcards
Maria Dermout – The hundred things, Funeral rites on the island of Ambon, Indonesia
Esther Leslie – Richard Fogleston’s Married to the Mouse: Walt Disney World and Orlando
Preston Johns – Wheel life, The new MINI
Jane Stevenson – Where have all the flowers gone? On roadside memorials
Rosemary Hill – The land that time forgot, The Museum of Jurassic Technology, Los Angeles
Dan Smith – Inside out, Rachel Whiteread at the Serpentine Gallery, London
Ben Highmore – Tanks for the memory!
Tim Travis – Strange attraction, Our Lady of Found Objects
Hildi Hawkins – Apotheosis, a short story

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