things 14 (Summer 2001)

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Editorial – Just do it

Dan Smith – Evolution and culture: The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
Danielle Olsen – Dividing Australia: The story of the Rabbit Proof Fence
Laurel Blossom – All the unbeautifuls: The Laura (Riding) Jackson House

other things
Esther Leslie – Putting the mode back into modernity: Tigersprung, by Ulrich Lehamm
Charles Saumarez-Smith – This into that, ‘Give & Take’ at the Serpentine and V&A
Rosemary Hill – How the Kon-Tiki came to Eltham: On cakestands
Heather Puttock – Fries to go: Erich Schlosser, Fast Food Nation
Tony Wood – Cameo Fever: ‘Treasures of Catherine the Great’, Somerset House
Liz Bailey – Techie Toys: Mark Pesce, The Playful World
Jane Stevenson – Meeting in Pisa: A short story
L.R.Smith – apple seeds: A poem
Chris Burke – Taking a line for a walk: Graphic Design in Germany 1890-1945
Anne Aurasmaa – The talented Mr Ripley: Ripley’s Believe It or Not!
David Crowley – The real things? Was there a socialist object?
Barbara Hardy – Pot luck: Micki Schloessingk’s ceramics
Jonathan Bell – New world order: Naomi Klein, No Logo
Peter Davidson – Sacred sweeties: Confectionary for Holy Week
Ben Highmore – Well-upholstered: Marty Crane’s chair
Lisa Hirst – Showtime! ‘The 1940s House’
Christopher Breward – Checking out: Rachel Bowlby, Carried Away
Monika Parrinder – Pregnant Pause
Stranger than fiction! Amazing names from Dear Mr Ripley
Dan Smith – Museum into shop: Cummings and Lewandowska, ‘The Value of Things’
Kate McIntyre – Ourselves alone: Industry of One: Designer Makers in Britain 1981-2001
Bronwen Edwards – Vintage Vogue: The reissue of classic paper patterns
Rosemary Hill – A poem
Tim Travis – Happy birthday, Mr President! A political gift from the GDR
Jane Stevenson – Talking Taxis: Feminism and the global positioning system
Philip Graham – The spirit in the statues: The story of Kwame and Afwe
Christopher Stocks – Tax barrier: Roy Moxham, The Great Hedge of India
Stephen Escritt – Happy day: Lucienne Day, Robin Day: Pioneers of Contemporary Design
Antoni Libera – A Polish prize-giving
Paul Tebbs – Splash! Thomas A.P.van Leeuwen, The Springboard in the Pond
Kate McIntyre – Arts n’Crafts: New Labour, Saatchi Gallery
Elsa MacDougall – Baubles for everyone? Diamants, Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle

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