things 13 (Winter 2000-2001)

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Editorial – Look, no hands

Lucy Trusler – ‘In play is all my mynde’: Children and their toys in renaissance England
Dan Smith – Hopeful Monsters: The Crystal Palace dinosaurs
Esther Leslie – Dreamsleep: Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project

other things
Laurel Blossom – Blood at the root: Witness/Without Sanctuary, Roth Horowitz Gallery, NY Historical Society
Pentti Saaritsa – Memorandum, A poem
Jonathan Bell – Back to the future: Buckminster Fuller: Your Private Sky, Design Museum
Christopher Breward – Streets Ahead: Lynda Nead, Victorian Babylon
Dubravka Urgesic – Measures 1, A poem
Tony Wood – Before the deluge: Gerrit Dou: Rembrandt’s First Pupil, Dulwich Picture Gallery
Charles Barclay – Havana ball: John A.Loomis, Revolution of Forms: Cuba’s Forgotten Art Schools
Marjorie Welish – Vocabularies, A poem
Elsa MacDougall – Wish you were here? Disney World, Florida
Nikolaus Boulting – Clash of the titans: John Betjeman and Nikolaus Pevsner remembered
Carol Shields – Measures 2, A poem
Sam Hecht – Recent acquisitions: Finds for less than a fiver
Maria Georgaki – Revolution baby: The continuing story of Elian Gonzalez
Lewis Allan – Strange fruit, A poem
Christopher Stocks – Hand-bagged: Sarah Gay Forden, The House of Gucci
Kate McIntyre – Going logo: Brand.New, Victoria & Albert Museum
Hildi Hawkins – Northern exposure: Tapio Wirkkala, Museum of Art and Design, Helsinki
Lisa Hirst – Lots of love: Tom Phillips, The Postcard Century
Liz Bailey – Through mud and through blood: Patrick Wright, Tank
Tracey Potts – Camera obscurer: The Polaroid I-Zone pocket camera
Danielle Olson – Flesh and blood: Spectacular Bodies, Hayward Gallery, London
Timothy W.A.Horan – The very heart of it: Art and the Empire City: New York, 1825-61
Victoria Kelley – Stars in our eyes? The Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture, London
Jolyon Brewis – Pedal to the metal: Aluminum by Design, edited by Sarah Nichols
Heather Puttock – Self-assembly man: Leading by Design: The IKEA Story
Monika Parrinder – What every girl wants? Steven Heller, The Swastika
Willa G.Cline – Sims tips: Journal of an obsession
Peter Davidson – Returning at evening

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