things 12 (Summer 2000)

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Editorial – Words and the world

Rosemary Hill – In search of Ruskin: A walk through Camberwell
Laurel Blossom – Euclid Park: The amusement beach with a conscience
Tim Travis – Things with souls: The object in late Soviet culture
Jivan Astfalck – Tacita Dentata, An installation

other things

Jonathan Bell – Forward thinking: Ray Kurzweil, The Age of Spiritual Machines
Joseph Brodsky – A room and a half
Phoebe Craddock – Bounce, bounce, bounce: The Rubber Ball
Archaeological joke
Esther Leslie – Getting sliced: Sander I.Gilman, Making the Body Beautiful
Jonathan Bell – The new best old thing? The Computer Exchange, London
Peter Davidson – The English aesthete’s hit-list, a poem
Paula Deitz – What modern was: ModernStarts: Things, MoMA, NY
Douglas Coupland – 0.003 per cent Bill, Extract from Microserfs
Soila Lehtonen – La Belle et la bête: Stephen Budiansky, The Nature of Horses
Restaurant joke
Preston Johns – DINKY cars: Moving Objects: 30 Years of Vehicle Design at the RCA
Alan Mäkinen – Systems of elimination, a poem
Heather Puttock – Behind the bars: Joël Glenn Brenner, The Chocolate Wars
Jane Stevenson – Past masters: The antiquarian instinct
Jonathan Bell – Reality bites: Tomoko Takahashi’s Word Perhect website
Esther Leslie – Underexposed: Pictures of the Twentieth Century They Didn’t Want You to See
Stephen Escritt – New for old? Art Nouveau 1890-1914, V&A, London
Liz Bailey – Living in Sim: The Sims video game
Tony Wood – Age of ideology: Signs of the Times: Posters in Central Europe 1845-98
Kate MacIntyre – Boohoos? Bauhaus DESSAU, Design Museum, London
Tim Dant – Stars in our eyes? Heaven: An Exhibition That WIll Break Your Heart, Tate, Liverpool
Chris van Scheltinga – All you need to do is call: The joys of text messaging
Rick Mather – The architect’s architect: Sir John Soane: an appreciation
Chris Stocks – Journeying hopefully: Pieter Boogaart, A272: An Ode to a Road
Monika Parrinder – Spin it round: Newspeak: a typeface
Gavin Stamp – Dennis Severs 1948-2000: An appreciation
Dennis Severs – The space between

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